In-House Training Programs


Bob Whiting can present any one of our nationally recognized training programs at your location at a time convenient to your organization. Provide all of you supervisors and managers with the skills they will need to manage employees effectively. Show them how to not only greatly improve employee morale and productivity but to also reduce your organization’s exposure to employee lawsuits. An In-House program can be conducted for about half the cost of sending all your managers to a public seminar, and the program can be customized to meet your specific needs. All of our programs emphasize practical, proven techniques for managing employees legally without complicated legalese or esoteric theories.

You Get More for Your Money

The cost of a customized in-house management training program can substantially reduce your training costs for groups of 10 or more employees! You can receive the same high quality training provided by one of our public seminars at a savings of up to 50% per participant.

You Can Personalize the Program

When you schedule an in-house training program, you have the ability to customize the program to fit your particular needs.

  • Do you need to emphasize certain topics or subject areas to your employees?
  • Do you want to incorporate your policies and procedures into the program?
  • Are some topics not applicable to your situation?

Just let us know and about your company’s particular needs and concerns and Bob will customize the program to maximize the effectiveness of the training for your organization.

It Is Much More Convenient

In-House management training is convenient. We come to your location, eliminating any employee travel costs. All you would need to provide is a suitable meeting room with a screen and either a blackboard or flip chart. In addition, we are able to present any one of our nationally recognized training programs at your location at any mutually convenient time, including weekends!

Learn to Maximize Morale and Productivity While Reducing Your Exposure to Lawsuits:

By providing all of your managers and supervisors with the management skills they need to legally manage employees you can not only greatly improve morale and productivity, you will also be able to reduce the organization’s exposure to employee lawsuits.

What In-House Training Programs Are Available

Each one of our in-house training programs focuses on practical, proven techniques for managing employees legally, not on complicated legalese or esoteric management theories.  In addition, each participant receives a comprehensive program notebook which they will be able to use for future reference long after the program is over. Some of our more popular in-house training programs include:


A one-day program which provides participants with a thorough understanding of what they need to know about Federal and State Civil Rights, Wage and Hour and Labor Regulations. They will learn what the laws require and how these laws affect their daily management of employees. They will learn about:

  • Federal and State Civil Rights Laws
  • Federal and State Wage & Hour Regulations
  • Other Federal Laws and Regulations
  • Your State’s Personnel Laws
  • Protecting Your Employment-At-Will
  • Preventing Wrongful Discharge Lawsuits
  • Avoiding Sexual Harassment Problems
  • Legal and Effective Hiring Practices
  • How to Manage Employees Legally
  • Hours of Work and Overtime
  • Controlling Attendance Problems
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Lowering Workers’ Comp Costs
  • How to Handle “Attitude Problems”
  • How to Discipline and Discharge Employees Legally


The vast majority of employee lawsuits are triggered by mistakes in hiring and firing. This one-day program provides participants with a through understanding of how to legally recruit, interview, hire manage and discipline employees. Participants will learn about:

  • Federal and State Laws Affecting Hiring and Firing
  • How to Hire the Best Person – Every Time
  • 5 Steps To A Successful Interview
  • Key Skills for Effective Interviewers
  • Legal and Illegal Interview Questions
  • How to Check References – Thoroughly
  • When and How To Use Testing
  • The Keys to an Effective Disciplinary Procedure
  • How to Handle Performance Problems
  • Dealing with Privacy and New Technology
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Dealing with Chronic Absenteeism and Tardiness
  • How To Handle “Attitude” Problems
  • How to Conduct Effective Disciplinary Interviews
  • How to Manage the Termination Process
  • How To Fire Employees Legally Using a “Termination Checklist”
  • How to Win Unemployment Claims


Help your organization prevent unwarranted sexual harassment allegations made against your supervisors by arming your organization with an effective Sexual Harassment Policy coupled with an effective Sexual Harassment training program for your managers, supervisors and employees. An effective Sexual Harassment Policy coupled with this type of training will greatly reduce your vulnerability to Sexual Harassment lawsuits. All of these programs will be conducted by Bob Whiting, President of Whiting & Associates, Inc.  Your supervisors, managers and employees will learn:

  • What Is Sexual Harassment?
  • How Recent Supreme Court Decisions Increase Management’s Vulnerability
  • The Two Types of Sexual Harassment Cases
  • What Are Management’s Liabilities For Each Type
  • Whose Behavior Is The Company Responsible For
  • How To Determine If Behavior Is Inappropriate
  • How Should Management Respond
  • How to establish both prongs of an “Affirmative Defense”
  • 5 Keys to an Effective Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Why Managers Should Be Proactive


The success or failure of any company depends on the competence of their supervisors and managers. Unfortunately, many managers and supervisors have had little or no training in the basic skills necessary to lead their employees towards the goals and objectives of the organization. This comprehensive one day program provides you with practical, time-tested skills you will need to select, develop, lead and motivate employees that have proven effective in increasing employee morale and productivity. You will learn about:

  • The “Keys to Principled Management” – and why they are so important
  • What are the  “3 Keys to Good Employee Relations”
  • What are the 5 roles of a manager or supervisor
  • 5 steps  to take that virtually eliminate your vulnerability to employee lawsuits
  • How to prevent overtime & wage and hour violations
  • The two  types of motivators – and how to use them
  • Simple ways to motivate employees – for free
  • How to discipline employees with a “Bad Attitude”
  • How to gain employee commitment and engagement
  • What questions are legal and illegal to ask applicants during interviews
  • What are the 10 Steps to recruiting and hiring the best employees
  • What are the 10 “Danger Signs” of a bad applicant
  • How to delegate work effectively – without losing control
  • What are the 5 keys to an effective Performance Review process
  • How to conduct and properly document legally effective disciplinary interviews
  • How to handle Sexual Harassment and Drug & Alcohol Abuse problems
  • How to use a “Termination Checklist” to prevent legal problems in firing
  • How to prevent unjustified Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment claims


A one-day seminar providing management with an understanding of the new organizing strategies and tactics being used by unions and the information they need to know to respond confidently and knowledgeably to employee’s questions about unions without violating the law.  Participants will learn:

  • The new issues for union organizers
  • Which employee groups are being targeted by organized labor
  • What makes a company vulnerable to union organizing
  • How an organizer rates your company
  • What unions are and why they are obsolete
  • What one factor starts most union organizing drives
  • Which employees will support the union
  • The “Early Warning Signs” of union activity
  • How a union organizing campaign works
  • What they teach the Union Organizer
  • How to stop union card signing – before it even starts!
  • How to avoid accidentally recognizing a union – mistakes to avoid
  • Key strategies for defeating union organizing efforts
  • How to avoid “Unfair Labor Practices”
  • What management can and cannot say and do during an organizing campaign
  • What to do to make your company “Union Proof”