Human Resource Forms


Performance Review Forms

The proper  training and development of employees is the primary responsibility of every manager and supervisor.  A well-designed performance review form can be a critically important tool in this process.  This 4-page form allows you to identify the employee’s strengths and weaknesses in specific areas so that you can work together to develop plans for improvement.  By taking the time to provide employees with feedback about their performance, you can foster improve communications, morale and productivity.

(8 ½ x 11”, Printed 2 sides)

Employee Performance Self-Evaluation Form

Perceptions are critical in employee relation. Find out how you employees believe they are doing on the job by utilizing our Employee Performance Self-Evaluation Form. This 4-page form enables you to identify discrepancies between the supervisor’s perceptions of the employees’ performance and employees’ own perceptions of their performance. This not only helps prevent misunderstandings between the employees and supervisor as to what is expected of them, it also reduces the chances that your Performance Review process could be challenged legally.

(8 ½ x 11”, Printed 2 sides)

 Orientation Review Forms

The first 90 days of employment are extremely critical in determining the overall success or failure of a new employee. During these critical early days, it is important for the supervisor to pay close attention to the training and development of the new employee. Our Orientation Review Form provides the supervisor with an opportunity to provide the new employee with a brief written assessment of their progress after their first 30, 60 and 90 days on the job. In the event the new employee is not performing satisfactorily, these written reviews will provide them with notice of their unsatisfactory performance, giving them an opportunity to improve. Of course, if the employee is still not performing satisfactorily at the end of the 90 day Orientation period, these written reviews will provide documentation of this fact in the event the employee is terminated.

(8 ½ x 11”, Printed 2 sides)

Employee Counseling Forms

If a disgruntled employee challenges the legality of their termination, an employer must have written documentation showing the employee was terminated for a legitimate reason. Without such written documentation, employers are extremely vulnerable to employee lawsuits. By completing one of our Employee Counseling Forms each time an employee engages in inappropriate behavior, supervisors will not only provide the employee with notice of their inappropriate behavior and/or performance, they will also develop the documentation necessary to defend against unwarranted employee lawsuits.

(8 ½ x 11”, Printed 1 side)

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