H/R Consulting Services


Do you ever need accurate information about any one of the following issues or topics but don’t know who to ask

  • How To Comply With The Wage & Hour Laws
  • Which Employees Are Exempt From Overtime
  • How To Handle Employees With A  “Bad Attitude”
  • How To Handle FMLA Leaves
  • How To Turn An Applicant Down Legally
  • I Want To Fire An Employee, Without A Lawsuit
  • What Is The Best Way To Handle A Difficult Employee Problem
  • What Must I Do To Win An Unemployment Case
  • What Do I Have To Pay Terminated Employees
  • How To Deal With Workers’ Comp Problems
  • Will This Termination Stand Up In Court If It Is Challenged
  • What To Do About Drug And Alcohol Abuse Problems
  • How To Handle Employees With “Chronic Absenteeism” Problems
  • What To Do  If An Employee Says  “It’s Not My Job”
  • How To Handle Employees With Performance Problems
  • How To Handle Suspected Theft Or Fraud Problems

Our new H/R Answers Hotline can solve this problem for you.  It allows you to get the answers to all your H/R management problems so you can make effective and legal H/R decisions. Subscribers will have access to a special e-mail address and phone number which they can use to ask any H/R questions they have whenever an issue arises. For more information on this service, please call (972) 492-0895, or email a request for information to __________


The fair and consistent treatment of employees is absolutely essential to improved employee morale and productivity. A well developed H/R Policy and Procedures Manual provides your managers and supervisors with a clear set of guidelines regarding human relations matters which will promote the fair and consistent treatment of employees.

After the Policy Manual is completed, it is highly desirable to issue an Employee Handbook to employees. A well written Employee Handbook will reduce the number of unknowns for your employees by distilling the relevant portions of the Personnel Policy Manual for them. This will not only promote the type of consistency which improves morale and productivity, it will greatly reduce your exposure to employee lawsuits.

If you already have a Personnel Policy Manual and/or Employee handbook, we will review and, if necessary, revise your organization’s existing Policy Manual and/or Employee Handbook. If you have no current policy manual, we will work with you and your management team to develop a Policy Manual and/or Employee Handbook which will work for your organization.


Whiting & Associates, Inc, can review your current Employee Handbook to insure that it not only covers all the topics necessary to manage employees effectively, but also protect your interests as an organization. We will identify and correct common language mistakes which may cause you to:

  • Jeopardize your status as an At-Will Employer
  • Limit your rights to discipline and discharge employees
  • Inadvertently create a binding contract employees can use against you
  • Guarantee employees a definite duration of employment


Bob Whiting has had over 25 years of experience in assisting companies with successful union avoidance strategies. Companies who wish to prevent union problems should take action before a union organizer arrives on the scene. By taking two simple steps, an organization can greatly reduce their vulnerability to union organizing activity. First, the company should train their managers and supervisors to be able to answer questions about unions in a confident, truthful and legal manner. After this has been done, management should communicate their position towards unions through their first line supervisors and by including a position statement towards unions in the Employee Handbook.

If union organizing activity has already begun, Whiting & Associates, Inc. can assist companies in running an effective campaign to defeat the union organizer. If management acts swiftly and decisively, many organizing drives can be stopped before the union organizer is able to get enough cards signed to gain recognition. If a petition for an election is filed, we can run a communications campaign against the union which is designed to keep the union organizer on the defensive and which will detail exactly what campaign activities will take place each and every day of the union organizing campaign up to and including election day. If employees know the truth about what a union is, how it operates and what it really can and cannot do for employees, most employees will vote against it.

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