Handbook of Sample Personnel Policies and Procedures


Newly Revised to Cover the Updated FMLA Regulations, Military Leave provisions, GINA Regulations &  Social Networking

Are You In Charge Of Writing Your Company Personnel Policy Manual? Why Re-Invent The Wheel? Whiting & Associates, Inc. Has Done All The Hard Work For You Already.

Handbook of Sample Personnel Policies and ProceduresWhiting & Associates, Inc. has compiled a set of more than 100 proven, time-tested, personnel polices and procedures you can use as a template in developing your own Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual. These pre-written policies cover the vast majority of topics you might want to address in your Personnel Policy Manual, allowing you to easily develop your own policies and procedures while avoiding common policy language mistakes which can cause legal problems.

 Whiting & Associates, Inc.’s Handbook of Sample Personnel Policies and Procedures including a Sample Employee Handbook also explains the steps you should take to get your managers and supervisors involved in the development of your policy manual. When they are involved in the development of your policies and procedures, they are much more likely to feel a sense of ownership and will be better able to understand, follow and enforce the policies and procedures you develop.

You will also receive a 50+ page Sample Employee Handbook which distills and communicates to your employees the relevant information they need to know about your completed Personnel Policies and Procedures in language they can read and understand. A well written Employee Handbook not only prevents many legal problems, it eliminates many employee relations problems by clarifying to employees what they can expect from the company and what the company expects from them.

 When you order the Handbook Of Sample Personnel Policies And Procedures and Sample Employee Handbook, you will receive a hard copy of the publication as well as a CD-ROM which contains the text of both publications in Microsoft Word and PDF format. Simply insert the CD-ROM into your computer and you can begin to edit the Handbook of Sample Policies and Procedures to meet the specific needs of your organization!

 Promote Consistency and Fairness! Avoid Common Mistakes in Language Which Can Cause Legal Problems and Weaken Your At-Will Employment Rights!

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