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Sample Application FormA well designed Employment Application should ask the tough questions necessary to obtain the information you need to make an intelligent hiring decision without violating the law  Our application forms (they are called Pre-Employment Applications to prevent applicants from demanding a job simply because they successfully completed an application form) provide ample room to fully describe the duties of each one of their prior jobs, their beginning and ending salaries, their supervisor’s name and job title and their reason for leaving. They also ask about:

  • The applicant’s attendance and punctuality record
  • Disciplinary warnings they received at prior jobs
  • Have they ever been fired, or asked to resign from any job
  • What they were doing during all prior periods of unemployment
  • Have they ever been convicted of any crime, including driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

This 4 page form fully complies with all Federal and State employment laws, including the ADA. It also contains specific waivers which protect your rights as an employer including disclaimers stating:

  • They are an at-will employee, and their employment can be terminated at any time, for any reason or for no reason at all, with or without cause or notice
  • Nobody is authorized to enter into any employment contracts (either written or implied) on behalf of the company without the written approval of top management
  • They can be terminated for falsifying or omitting information asked for on the application form
  • They are waiving their right to sue former employers and others who provide reference information about them
  • That drug-testing is a condition of continued employment and, if they refuse, to submit to a drug test when asked, it will result in their immediate termination


You can customize our 4 page application forms by having your company name and/or logo imprinted on our application forms. Just e-mail a high resolution jpeg or image of your company letterhead and/or logo along with a completed order form and we will do the test. Please allow an extra 7 days for delivery.

Custom Application Form

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