The Nation’s Leading Seminar on Federal and State Employment Laws and Regulations

The number of EEOC lawsuits is at a record high and the DOL has hired 300 new Wage & Hour investigators! Don’t be a statistic. Make sure you are in compliance with all the FEDERAL and STATE employment laws and regulations, including the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act, The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, major revisions to the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Family & Medical Leave Act as well as dramatic changes to the DOL’s Overtime Regulations!. Plan now to attend this comprehensive, nationally recognized one-day seminar.


  • How to comply with Federal and Your State’s Civil Rights, Wage & Hour and Labor laws
  • How to comply with the dramatic changes to the DOL Overtime Regulations – What Management Needs to Know
  • Who is “exempt” from overtime and who is ”non-exempt” under the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Strategies employers can use to minimize their costs under the new DOL Overtime Rule
  • Five steps to take to virtually eliminate your vulnerability to EEO lawsuits
  • How to avoid Employment-At Will, Wrongful Discharge, and Sexual Harassment problems
  • How to comply with the newly revised AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT regulations
  • What accommodations must be made for applicants and employees under the ADA
  • When is an employee’s absence from work protected by the FMLA, and when is it not
  • What is required by the newly revised FMLA regulations – including new Military Leaves
  • What questions are legal and illegal to ask during interviews or on application forms
  • How to conduct an effective background check, including checks on criminal backgrounds
  • What are the most common overtime mistakes – and how to avoid them
  • Can you require your employees to work overtime – and discipline those who won’t
  • Are you required to provide rest breaks, lunch breaks or smoke breaks
  • How to legally discipline and discharge employees who have a “Bad Attitude”
  • When can you require employees to “Act Happy”
  • How Handbooks, Policy Manuals and Performance Reviews can be used against you
  • Employee Dress Codes – What you can and cannot require
  • When can you legally require drug and alcohol tests
  • How to comply with the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act
  • How the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act dramatically changes H/R recordkeeping requirements
  • How to conduct and document effective disciplinary interviews that will stand up in court
  • What to do if an employee refuses to sign a written warning
  • How to use our “Termination Checklist” to make sure a discharge is legally defensible
  • How to fight unjustified unemployment and workers’ compensation claims – and win!
  • How to comply with the revised COBRA and HIPAA regulations
  • How to handle cell phone, e-mail, internet and social networking problems

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